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Nature lovers, adventure seekers and all-around geeks.

Our Story

This tale begins with a man and woman (hello!) and their desire to explore. After years following the “American Dream” (aka graduate, get married, climb the corporate ladder, yadda and so forth), we found ourselves fantasizing about adventures more often than taking them. Then our early 30’s hit and we decided to make those dreams a reality before getting too much older, so we downsized our lives, packed what was left into a tiny 5×5 storage unit and embarked on a quest around the world.

We got about halfway before the pandemic struck.

Flashback to January 2020 and we were pet sitting in China as the virus started it’s rampage across the globe. That was a crazy, uncertain time. We got sick (likely Covid, but didn’t dare visit the local hospital to confirm), canceled the rest of our plans and raced to get home before the borders closed. We just barely made it out, only to then find ourselves social distancing going crazy while riding things out with family.

At first we remained hopeful the virus would stabilize and we’d be able to set off again a few months later. Then two months turned into half a year, and it became clear a speedy recovery was not in the cards. That’s when we made the tough decision to officially end our trip.

Now we’re in the process of building our new normal. No matter what that ends up looking like, or where it takes us, we can guarantee that travel, the outdoors and geekery will continue to play a major influence.


Crew Manifest


Growing up I spent much of my free time exploring the wilds of Washington. And when I wasn’t busy soaking up the PNW sun, you’d usually find me curled up with a book immersed in tales about faraway lands. Then in my teens I began traveling further from home, experiencing and seeing sights I’d only ever dreamed about. Needless to say, I was hooked. Since then I’ve made it a point to seek out fun and unique activities at home and abroad.


  • Iron Stomach. I’ve eaten some pretty weird and under-cooked things in my day, but rarely get sick from them.
  • Patience. ‘Nough said.
  • Communications. From speaking to strangers and acting as the main voice behind this blog, I enjoy all forms of communication. I also have a tendency to talk with my hands.


  • Blankets. If I’m tired and grab a blanket, you can bet I’ll be passed out in no time.
  • Exposure to sun. I’m very fair skinned and even on cloudy days get sun burnt. Hats, long clothing and sunblock are my best friends.

Random Facts & Tidbits:

  • I hate coffee. Most people think I’m crazy since Seattle is like the coffee capital of the US, but I’d rather have a good ‘ol black tea any day of the week. Chai and Earl Grey are my favorites.
  • I’ve been obsessed with cats since I was a little girl and will go out of my way to pet a friendly feline.
  • I’m a sucker for mind puzzles, mazes and strategy games.
  • House Gryffindor. It’s true, Pottermore says so.
  • Some of my favorite fandoms include (but are most certainly not limited to) The Cosmere, Firefly, Fairy Tail and D&D.


    Tom is my husband, IT expert and jack of all trades. He’s inquisitive by nature and constantly learning. This makes him the perfect partner for helping bring my many pie-in-the-sky ideas to life. When not at work you can usually find him tinkering with his latest side project, immersed in a computer game or enjoying the great outdoors.


    • Packing. Literally, Tom’s a Tetris master.
    • Research. With a background in network design and database management, he’s a wiz when it comes to internet and keyword research.
    • Endurance. Long travel days and no food? Tom’s got it locked down, while I, on the other hand, suffer from bouts of hanger.



    • Fancy gadgets. He couldn’t call himself a proper tech geek without them.
    • Sweets. Tom just can’t get enough of Laura (just kidding). Anything chocolaty always catches Tom’s eye.

    Random Facts and Tidbits:

    • Tom’s our coffee drinker in the family. Of all the places we’ve traveled, Turkish coffee is his favorite.
    • While Tom loves the heat, he’s not a big fan of direct sun. Give him hot, humid weather and an overcast sky and he’s happy.
    • House Slytherine. Yep, we’re a house divided!
    • Multi-class characters are Tom’s preference. If the game offers a druid, that’s his pick.
    • Tom’s got a need for speed. From downhill skiing, to driving winding roads, he loves to go fast!

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