About Out Questing

Adventurous, Budget-Concious, Do-It-Yourself Travel Experts

Our Mission

Who says adventures are just for the movies and late night gaming sessions? Since leaving Seattle, we’ve seen wonders, faced unexpected trials, and have discovered hidden gems. It’s now our mission to create a travel toolkit for you other nerds and restless souls out there. Give our quest logs a read, or follow us on Instagram, and gain +1 inspiration to level up your next adventure.

Our Travel Style

We’re mid-range, budget conscious travelers. This means we carefully pick and choose where we spend our money, often opting to put it towards experiences over lush accommodation and transportation methods. Sometimes this requires we crash in a hostel dorm, or wake up at the crack of dawn to catch the bus out of town. It may not always be glamorous, but the journey becomes part of the adventure and creates lasting memories along the way.

It also means we may not visit all the highlights of an area. We’ll still go to famous tourist sites (they’re often famous for a reason), but only if it calls to us, not because it’s on everyone else’s bucket-list.

We’re nature lovers, and often spend our free time in the outdoors. Be it hiking in the forests or seeking stunning vistas, we thrive in fresh air.

We seek out unique experiences. From visiting the world’s only underground trampoline park, to going on safari in Thailand, you’ll find us hunting activities that aren’t as mainstream.

We’re geeks (history, anime, pop culture, we love it all!) and regularly take on quests or share anecdotes that pay homage to our fandom. #sorrynotsorry

Lastly, we find plotting routes and activities a rewarding experience (especially when everything comes together as we hoped). While we’ve been known to take guided tours, we prefer to choose-our-own-adventure whenever possible.

We’re glad you made it to our corner of the internet, and hope you become inspired to go Out Questing.


-Laura & Tom

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